The mission of Expressions of Joy is to promote excellence and integrity in the arts through education, exhibition and performance advancing a biblical worldview while supporting artists in their personal and artistic development. We believe that the arts can provide a direct link to the heart bypassing  spurious objections to biblical truth.  At the same time we recognize the need to reclaim the arts for Christ as they have been largely co-opted by the enemies of truth.


Reclaiming the Arts for Christ

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EOJ seeks to serve the community as the artistic bridge between the sacred and secular. We believe that the arts can and should glorify God. We are here to exhort the Church to artistic excellence and to harness the power of the arts to publish the gospel message. Our past projects have included a Christian school of ballet, choreographic adaptations of major literary and musical works and outreach projects in a variety of genres. The current focus in on holiday outreach events drawing on the wealth of artistic talent in the Church to bring the gospel message into the public square. We are creating new venues and partnerships with the public sector and community organizations providing new opportunities for  established and emerging artists.  Christmas near the Beach is the hugely successful model which we seek to replicate for other holidays and events.


Christmas Near The Beach 2016